The Florida Catholic Reports on the Musica Sacra Florida Conference

May 1, 2009

This article by Ana Rodriguez-Soto appeared in last Friday’s edition of The Florida Catholic.  The article was the inaugural article in a state-wide series on the liturgy.

A link is offered here with the following clarifications and corrections:

– “such as during entrance processions or as responsorial psalms. Entrance antiphons even are associated with the Mass for each day.”

      – The gradual, not the responsorial psalm, is an inter-lectionary chant which is a distinct genre in the Gregorian repertoire. 

     – The introit (entrance) antiphon is the chant that occurs during the procession at the beginning of Mass.  Each Mass of the liturgical year has a introit antiphon assigned to it. 

– Jennifer Donelson is an assistant professor of music at NSU, not an associate professor.