Chant Workshop in Tampa

November 11, 2009

SCHOLARS’ FORUM: “Gregorian Chant for Everyone”
Larry Kent, Ph.D.
December 8 – Tuesday, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
A workshop with the Music Director of Florida Pro Musica on singing this beautiful music from the Middle Ages. The ability to read music is not necessary, nor is a trained or beautiful voice. Participants will get a brief historical introduction to the role of Gregorian chant in the early Christian Church, but the emphasis will be on singing. Register by: December 4 Cost: $20
The Franciscan Center is at 3010 Perry Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33603
Ph: (813) 229-2695 Fx: (813) 228-0748 Email: francntr [at] tampabay [dot] rr [dot] com
Larry Kent, Music Director
Florida Pro Musica
LarryKent [at] hotmail [dot] com